Welcome to the West Coast Ice page – your online resource for current conditions, new routes, trip reports and pictures for Ice Climbing in British Columbia.

If you have any trip reports, conditions updates or new routes to report, please send me an email (including pics if you have any) at westcoasticereports@gmail.com.

We have a Facebook Group now, if you want to stay as current as possible. Go to the West Coast Ice Group on Facebook and request membership there..


  1. Hi Adrian,

    any news on the partner list?

    Ciao – Werner

  2. Yup – I’ll put up a note about it in the next couple of days. Been a busy holiday season.


    • Hi Adrian
      when you do put up a note about the partner list – where will it be posted, on this site?

  3. Merry Chrismas one and all.
    I’m looking for a potential partner – for grade 3’s and 4’s –
    looking for short trip to Rockies where ice is guaranteed.
    Two close in potential periods;
    week of January 2 through 6th or,
    week of January 14 thru 20th – just looking for 4 or 5 days.
    if we hit it off, could lead to more.
    Have gear, ropes, etc.
    p.s. – not looking to die in avi conditions or set fire to grade 6 test pieces so you must be content with just getting out – and getting warmed up – finding the rythmn again. I’m safe as proved out by my age 🙂


    • Hi Matt, Im from slovakia and Im looking for climbing partner for any winter activity included ice climbing, ski touring, winter mountainering…Im living in Whistler, and I came here improve my climbing ability, if you are interested please let me know. I have got all gear only rope I dont have

      thanks for you reply

    • Hi Matt, I’m Dave from the UK – I also share your love of getting out and having a laugh (without dying 🙂

      I’ve got all the gear (inc rope) and am keen for a road trip east. I live in Whistler, drop me an email and we could go for a beer to chat about routes.


    • Hi Matt
      I might have you on the ‘age’ corelation to safety 🙂 .
      would love to get out to the rockies for a short forray but also, looking to get out more than once if it all works out.
      Have climbed for years but always a few days each year – hence, 3’s and 4’s sound great.
      Lots of flexibility for me – i.e. can shoot out for a day or 2, or with notice, a longer trip. (have all gear like many)

  4. Hi Adrian,

    are you publishing/organizing the —PARTNER LIST —- this season?

    Ciao – Werner

    • No, I’ve been too busy so far. It might have been too much to take on.

    • Can I get a copy of last seasons list? I am trying to track down 1 climber to complete a party of 4 to the rockies

  5. headed to the rockies for some wi 3/4 this weekend let me know if you are interested definitely one spot maybe two

    leave vancouver thursday at 4ish back monday night 11pm

    cost is gas plus cheap motels split amongst group

    brian 604-649-0816

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