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March 10, 2017 Ice Climbing Report


Highway 40 – Bridge River Canyon

(Peter Watson) Another quality day in the Bridge River. Got ourselves up to the top of Shriek of Sheep. Quality day of climbing!

Highway 99 North – Marble Canyon + Duffey Updates

(Chris Lawrence) Spent Monday to Friday based out of lillooet ice climbing with CWMS and Monte Johnston.  Climbed at Rambles, Marble Canyon, Loose Lady, Carl’s Berg, Closet Secrets and Belmore. Monday and Tuesday were cold -13ºC to -2ºC. The ice is as good as it gets on North-facing routes. Southern exposures are generally falling down or pumping water. We bailed today (Mar 3) as our planned Rambles outing was thwarted by rain. Snow line was top of Rambles first pitch. Approx 850 m. Elev. once the temps drop below 0 the n facing ice should improve dramatically! It’s far from over! Timing is key. Nb. Closet Secrets was wet and plastic. Carl’s Berg got quite wet with day time heating.

Highway 99 South – Duffey Lake Road

(Jean-Marc Savoie; Mar 9) Rambles Right is super fat. Climbed PS Dihedral and the Column. Also climbed “not the Ben wi3 m4” above column. Made for the most fun pitch of the day. Ice season is far from gone!

(Peter Watson) Climbed Closet Secrets today (Mar 8). Still in great shape! It is in solid WI4 shape. The right side ice today was really brittle and aerated! I have always climbed that pitch on the left, but the right looked great till on it. Made for a lot of hollow hooks.
(Tim Bonnell) Below are a few shots from Closet Secrets, taken on Sunday (Mar 5th). As indicated earlier, it is still in excellent shape.
(Brendan Neilsen) Climbed it (Closet Secrets) on Tuesday! Was so fun! I screwed up on the last steep pitch and climbed the line on the left. If you like chandeliers then it’s great! On the rappel I noticed all the pick holes on the other line farther right. Would have been a lot less smashing and crashing with that line choice.

(Nelson Pelson) Climbed The Tube today (Mar 8). The ice is good but doesn’t reach that far anymore. Made a new V-thread (without prussic, there’s an old V-thread with prusic, but it looks a bit melted out). Fun little climb.

(Artem Bylinskii) Got out to the Duffey this past weekend with Kalina Malowany. Climbed Carl’s Berg in fine shape. Synchronicity was as sun rotten as it looks. Major fracturing all over the place. Climbs well, but challenging to protect. First pitch is now super thin requiring some mixed moves and soloing.



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