January 4, 2017 Ice Climbing Report » taikonaut_detail_4jan17

Taikonaut detail. Taikonaut climbs the fat central flow, 30 m to snow ledge, then another 20 m (all one pitch) to second ledge with cave. Other lines to left and right are unclimbed (and appear significantly fatter than they were when Steve and I did Taikonaut). Still not sure exactly where the earlier Phil Clark/ Dave Zulinke “Center Line” is. They said they climbed two pitches but did not finish due to lateness, suggesting more above, and not the same as Taikonaut, which is one pitch, (a pitch and a half if short on screws?) with nothing above. There are occasionally some ephemeral flows on bluffs about 1 km east? (Drew Brayshaw)

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