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December 23, 2015 Ice Climbing Report (Thanks Jeremy + info from our FB group)

Jeremy provided an update from Sunday on Carl’s Berg. The rest is from our Facebook Group.

Highway 40 – Bridge River Canyon

(Frank Whittaker [Facebook])… spent the night in Bridge River Sunday with Nathan Heavenor. Everything looked pretty thin or not touched down. Hiked up to Plan B, wasn’t climbable.  Lots of running water.


Plan B, Bridge River Canyon

Highway 99 North – Marble Canyon

The Marble Canyon climbs are in, for the most part, in thin-ish conditions. See the pics below, pillaged from our Facebook group.

Ryan Larkin scratched his way up an M7 2 climbs left of Pink Cadillac. We (Jean-Marc and Ryan) also climbed Deeping Wall and Icy BC‘s 1st pitch. Ran into people from Kamloops and Mission. We camped Sunday night and it was -10, nippy! Over all awesome climbing conditions.
Make the drive to marble!

Highway 99 South – Duffey Lake Road

Update from Jean-Marc Savoie and others (Facebook):
Belmore Gully still looks in.
Shreddie is TBD (see pic below)
Rambles Centre‘s column is clearly visible from the road.
Rambles Right’s Dihedral is clearly visible from the road.
The Tube is forming well (let this continue till Xmas).
Loose Lady approach pitch appears thin, but present.
Synchronicity still needs time.

Carl’s Berg is on. Eric Bites and I (Jeremy Thom) got up it last Sunday (Dec 20). -1ºC at the base at about noon. Wide variety of ice – wet, hard, hollow, chandelier, mushroomed, soft, fragile, bomber…  Super fun early season conditions, though you better bring your Goretex. Generally bomber and abundant gear. And currently a steal at a WI5.



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