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December 3, 2015 Ice Climbing Report (Thanks Ian & Sara)

I’ve been terribly lax at the beginning of this season, in updating the site. Maybe having the Facebook page is making me lazy… if you want to stay as current as possible, go to the West Coast Ice Group on Facebook and request membership there. In the meantime, I’ll try to keep my posts more current in the future.

I am in the Rockies now for a bit of warm up, but here’s some data on local BC conditions.

Highway 99 North – Duffey Lake Road & Pemberton

The short story — the ice needs more time (note that this report and pics are a week old).

On Wednesday (Nov 27) Tony Mclane and I (Ian Bennett) went for a search up the Duffey. Sadly nothing was thick enough to climb. We looked at The Tube, Carl’s Berg, The Rambles, as well as the Plum and Politically Correct Valentine. Needs more time.

Photos in order: The Plum, Shreddie, The Rambles, The Tube, Carl’s Berg

Highway 99 South – Squamish

One idea is to get as high in the alpine as possible. Sara has been doing some exploring towards Sky Pilot. Here are conditions and pics from a few weeks ago.

Ice is in along the Sky Pilot Valley Trail right now (November 10 at the time) and the weather forecast looks promising for the conditions over the next week or more.

Access: the Gondola is closed until Dec 4 so the closest access is from the gate along the access road. The valley trail is a bit icy, but mostly clear of snow until the trail starts into the trees by the switchbacks. Snow shoes will be good to have for the last bit (it’s deep!) until a harder crust develops. Snow is terrible for skiing up there right now so put away your deep pow dreams until the next big dump.

Ice: there are a few good options visible from the trail. The first fall I noticed was visible from the first open area (snow pillows) on the hikers left side. From afar it looked like a good pitch of WI3 on the left, and some drips on the right if anyone is interested.


  1. Please don’t give up on the WordPress blog. I refuse to use Facebook – please keep the blog alive. Nice to have this info


    • I will! I’ll at least do a weekly summary 🙂


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