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January 20, 2015 Ice Climbing Report (Thanks Jeremy, Dana and Mike)


(1) Jeremy is taking 3-4 students up the Duffey for a BCMC ‘Leading Ice’ course this weekend. The plan is The Tube on Saturday (Jan 24) and Rambles Right on Sunday (Jan 25). They’ll have 2 ropes up and mock leading, thus occupying a lot of space and time on those respective climbs/days.

(2) Dana and the Boealps Alpine Society from Seattle WA will be conducting an intro to ice climbing class in Lillooet this weekend. Saturday (Jan 24), they will have groups at Rambles and Acute Falls. Sunday (Jan 25) will be Rambles again and Marble Canyon.

Highway 5 – Coquihalla

NEW ROUTE (To be confirmed later… might be Stitch that Jimmy)

Whose Line Is It Anyway? WI 3- 60m FA Julio Velandia and Mike Vanwerkhoven January 17, 2015
Julio Velandia and I (Mike Vanwerkhoven) went up to explore some ice routes up on Markhors (across the highway from Yak Peak). We explored the most Eastern North-facing bowl (Markhor has 2 North-facing bowls) on Saturday January 17. I had scouted some nice looking ice up there on a snowshoe trip the weekend before and wanted to get up there and climb some of it before the heavy snow comes. Having no beta on any of the ice up it was a fun day of exploring what to climb. We found a really nice notch gulley to the left of some really thin slab ice. We climbed 2 pitches (60m) of solid WI2-3 ice, and rapped both pitches off v-threads. There’s a possible third pitch to a tree, but low angle with brush so we decided it wasn’t worth it. Lots of ice up in the bowl and in good condition, (and even some nice looking blue ice!) with 4 other separate climbable lines. Since the snow-pack is so low for this time of year, there was lots of ice showing which would normally be covered. It was a solid day up there – we got back to the car at 4pm and beat the soon arriving storm that hit that night.


  1. The UBC Varsity Outdoor Club is also planning on bringing about two car loads up to marble canyon January 31-Feb 1.


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