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January 1, 2015 Ice Climbing Report (Thanks Lee!)

Highway 40 / Lillooet – Honeyman Falls

On Wednesday, Lee and Connor went to Honeyman Falls to see if it was in shape. Unfortunately, it is not formed fully. There was a tremendous amount of spray and running water. See the video and images below for reference.

A video of the Honeyman flow –

Highway 99 North – Oregon Jack & Marble Canyon

Lee and Connor went to Lillooet for ice climbing on Dec 30-31. The first day (Wed) was spent at Marble Canyon. While having breakfast at Cache Creek at 8:00am, the temperatures were around -17ºc. With the cold temps, Icy BC was very brittle, but otherwise in good shape. A more challenging than usual lead in the current condition. That said, temps warming up a bit, but projected to stay below zero for the next 5-7 days, so the ice should be in GOOD shape. People should get after it!
Deeping Wall also looked good, but we opted to try the M7 mixed line to the left of Deeping Wall. Very strenuous!

On Thursday, after checking out Honeyman (see above), we (Lee and Connor) drove over to Oregon Jack. We didn’t see any tracks leading in, so wondered if we were the first to climb it during this cold spell. We also found brittle ice that took many swings. The climb was in hard shape for the grade, mostly due to the large amount of cleaning needed to get good sticks.


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