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December 6, 2014 Ice Climbing Report (Thanks Francis, Clayton, Eric and Lee)

Highway 99 North – Marble Canyon

Francis’ BCMC group went to Marble on Friday (Dec 5). Their report:

Marble Canyon was pretty good today.
Deeping Wall had 2 good lines on it. Right line was getting pretty wet low down by the end of the day. Left line was mostly dry. Both lines were in harder shape than average and had not seen much traffic until today (Dec 5). Large blocks of ice at the bottom on the ground seem to indicate that a fair bit of the climb collapsed in the warm period.
Icy BC pitch 1 was in and in good shape to lead. Pitch 2 seemed too thin to climb — could see the water flowing behind the ice in the top half.
Quite busy for a Friday: 10 people at Marble.

A parallel report from Eric Thiessen:
Laura Rapp and I headed to Marble for some drytooling on Thursday (Dec 4) and took some pics of the current ice conditions. Deeping Wall is getting fatter, chandeliers down low and very wet up high.

Highway 99 South – Duffey Lake Road

We (Lee, Connor and Jeremy) did Rambles Center today (Dec 6). Temperatures were around 0ºC. Ice was wet and mostly plastic, but we were warm enough. Jeremy led a cool line at Rambles Centre Top Tier (M4?). Then we top roped a hard steep mixed chock stone line (Lenin?).  There were 5 parities at the top of Rambles Centre, so a busy day.



  1. […] Jeremy and Connor climbed at Marble on Sunday, finding much the same conditions as Francis described previously. On Icy BC, the 2nd pitch is hollow and open; not readily climbable. Deeping Wall was dripping wet, […]


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