Posted by: westcoastice | February 16, 2014

February 16, 2014 Ice Climbing Report (Thanks Jean-Marc and Adam)

Highway 99 North – Marble Canyon

Danielle and I (Jean-Marc Savoie) went and climbed at Icy BC for the first time.  Only one other party there at Marble on Friday (Feb 14). Managed to lead first and second tier. What great formations….. Get it before it melts! (pics below)

Highway 97 & Highway 1 – Vernon/Enderby/Sicamous/Revelstoke

I (Adam Tutte) drove from Kelowna to Calgary yesterday (Feb 15). The ice in Sicamous still looks good. Gap Falls is big, fat and blue and the other Revelstoke climbs look good. Vernon‘s Road Crag had 4 groups on it and Mythological was still looking fat above Enderby. Also, anyone wanting to make the hike into Christy Falls, now is the time to do it as it’s typically in around mid-February . I didn’t get a chance to go in, but I’d guess its good to go after that last cold snap.


  1. A couple of us were out in MC on Tuesday the 11th and climbed the first two pitches of IcyBC. By chance did anyone happen to find a Black Diamond Andriod leash while out this past week? Can’t seem to find it… Thanks in advance.


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