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February 7, 2014 Ice Climbing Report (Thanks Bruce, Peter and Drew)

Highway 40 – Lillooet

Honeyman is in and was climbed today.

Highway 99 South – Squamish

Bruce reports there’s not much going, except for a few suicidal attempts at Shannon Falls. Go somewhere smarter you guys! (Note: I [Adrian] heard reports of a party almost nailed by falling ice there today)
A Scottish Tale –  the upper third is looking very attractive while the lower third is quite barren. It might prove to be excellent mixed climbing, making for a great climb. There’s only one way to find out!
The Dream – lean, but again looking very tempting for the bottom 3 pitches. The top pitch looks unlikely. Might be worth a go for the bold and skilled.
Left of Scottish Tale are some similarly lean, but attractive, longish lines, perhaps unclimbed.
Fluffy Kitten Wall – Very lean and unlikely, as it has been all winter.
Xanadu – downstream, same side as Fluffy Kitten Wall,  looks in, but maybe be lean at the bottom. Harder than WI4, by the way. Very attractive when in.
Nothing else to speak of ( very dry)

Highway 1 – Hope

We (Drew and Sam) climbed Mousetrap this morning (Feb 7). We turned around after 3 pitches. The fourth pitch was a flowing river. No idea how the crux sixth pitch is doing. Overall, the climb is really drippy. First pitch was mostly dry. Second has a hole you can avoid by climbing on blobs. There’s a water pool at the top of the second pitch that must be avoided by chimneying around it. The third pitch has big mushrooms. Fourth pitch had severe running water. We mixed climbed out to climbers left to a tree. One long rap across ice at 50m to second tree Rap again, then a third rap from abalakov to the ground.

Highway 1 – Revelstoke

(pilfered from Peter’s FB post) Peter and company climbed Rest Stop yesterday (Feb 6), and approached C People Play, but it was not touching down yet. Gap Falls (Three Valley Gap) is in. See the guide to the Malakwa Area at the top of the West Coast Ice homepage or at the bottom of the Feb 3 post.


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