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February 4, 2014 Ice Climbing Report (Thanks Lisa)

Highway 99 North – Marble Canyon

Another opinion on the ice conditions from last weekend:
Icy BC really doesn’t look as good as many people report. The 1st pitch is still building and looks thin on the right. The ice was getting good and fat today (Monday) but brittle.
The Showdown is growing a bit, but is still lacking ice through the crux.
The Deeping Wall (left side especially) is incredibly hooked and kicked out. Pretty cruisy and probably the easiest line at Marble.

LADIES ICE CLIMBING DAY (& large group warning)
We (Lisa and company) are planning our 2nd annual Ladies Ice Climbing Day. We’ve have coined it Tampons with Crampons. We are planning to have 12-15 ladies climbing at Marble Canyon on Monday, February 10th. That leaves the weekend days open for the rest of the Marble crowds 🙂

Last year, our event was an amazing success, a great mix of new climbers and experienced climbers. Many of the women had never climbed or had never ice climbed with other women before. The camaraderie, the opportunity to try ice climbing, and/or attempt harder climbs and mixed routes in a supportive environment all proved to be enlightening to many. Watching some of the stronger, more experienced women climbers was both inspiring and motivating. We are hoping this annual weekend becomes an important event; to encourage more women into the sport of ice climbing.


  1. Why haven’t I heard of this!? I’ve been looking for a female ice climbing group in the Sea to Sky for AGES! Is there a facebook group or more information on this? Thanks.


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