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January 23, 2014 (Thanks Werner)

Highway 99 North – Marble Canyon

Werner led a BCMC clubtrip (Jake, James, Werner), ice climbing last Monday-Tuesday (Jan 20-21). Monday they hit The Rambles. Tuesday was Marble Canyon. At Marble, they found good ice; enough for climbing this coming weekend. Details following and pics below.
The Deeping Wall is still fat, with tons of ice on it, but is quite kicked out. Consensus is that it is WI4/4+ on the left and middle lines, getting into WI5 further right.
No Deductible is still in, with some challenging pro (chandeliers and thin ice in spots).
Icy BC – Pitch 1 of Icy BC had good ice, despite some holes and some funky ice. It should be good for the coming week end. Icy BC second and third pitches were sketchy with lots of water running – don’t bet on it.
Body Shop is thinning out at the base, but is still attached. It might go for the right leader.

Highway 99 South – Duffey Lake Road

Werner’s BCMC crew climbed Rambles Centre on Monday (Jan 20). Rambles Centre’s first pitch is starting to melt (see pic below). It will be ‘okay to mediocre’ for the coming weekend. The second pitch WI2+ (no picture) had lots of ice and should still be good for this coming weekend. The third pitch (aka Top Step, Right Finish) WI3+ has plenty of ice and should be good for the coming weekend (pic below). The other Top Step climbs (Robber Baron, Lenin and Left Finish) seem to be holding up okay as well.


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