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January 3, 2014 Ice Climbing Report (Thanks Adam)

Highway 99 – Marble Canyon & The Rambles

Crowds Warning: Just a warning that there will be at least 2 groups of 6 climbers apiece heading up for The Rambles and Marble Canyon this weekend. One group each on both Saturday and Sunday. So it’ll be a busy couple of days at both destinations. Let’s all play nice! 🙂

And to reiterate Tuesday’s comment about loose rocks at The Rambles Upper Tier: there is essentially no snow up there holding the loose rocks in place, particularly in the gully between the lower and upper section. We accidentally dislodged a couple of rocks and a small dead tree on the way down… very scary and extremely lucky no one was climbing the lower pitch at that time. I’d be inclined to dissuade people from climbing to the Upper Tier if there will be climbers on the first tier… or emphasize they need to be SUPER CAREFUL they don’t dislodge anything.

Highway 3 – Manning Park

Neopopekum Falls looked good until the hole near the top, and a huge moat at bottom; which made us put in some screws on the approach to the bottom of the actual climb. Climbers wanting some extra adrenaline could get on it under some scary wet conditions. We however decided to do Manning Mixed.

Near the top chute of Manning Mixed – on the rock – we poked around, but headed down after we ran out of ice. We took 6 screws up, and a v-thread to rap from top of ice. Overall, fun, good sticks. Pictures below.


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