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December 19, 2013 Ice Climbing Report (Thanks Alex and Bruce)

Highway 99 – Rambles & Marble Canyon

We (Alex and company) made it up to Marble Canyon on Tuesday (Dec 17). Really warm (5°C) and wet ice. Climbed on Deeping Wall which was quite chandeliered  on the bottom and soft, water-logged ice on the upper section. If you lead it, consider it 100% a solo as there were no good screw placements. Bottom pitch of Icy BC was frozen, but flowing steady behind and through its ice cave. Didn’t touch it due to not having my life jacket 🙂

Large Group Warning
– for those of you heading to Marble Canyon and/or the Rambles this weekend, please be aware that there will a BCMC trip hitting those spots. The group will have 8 participants climbing; some leading, some top-roping. The plan is for the group to climb at the Rambles on Saturday (Dec 21) and Marble Canyon on Sunday (Dec 22). They will happily share the ice, just expect crowded conditions. 🙂

Highway 99 South – Squamish

The upper pitches of what might be A Scottish Tale appear to be in and looking good.  This was viewed from the valley with binocs north of Garibaldi highlands. Whatever it is, it’s just looker’s right of the new tourist viewing platform constructed by the Sea-to-Sky Gondola operation.

There are a few other streaks of ice nearby, but other than that there’s little to get excited about in Squamish right now.


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