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December 16, 2013 Ice Climbing Report (Thanks Joe, Mourad and Henrik)

Highway 99 South – Duffey Lake Road

On Sunday (Dec 15) Paul, Extreme Polly, Aggy and Joe climbed the Rambles. We woke up to sunny skies and 13°C; warm like summer. We went to Rambles. The approach was easy and not slippery. We went to Rambles Left. First pitch was really bare and thin, marginally climbable. Second pitch was a bit better. Gully wasn’t formed yet and so we didn’t go up to the top tier. Photos below in the Picture Gallery.

On the same day (Sunday, Dec 15) Andreas, Jean Marc, Mark, Richard and I (Henrik) went to check out the ice on the Sea-to-Sky corridor. With the warm temps, Entropy did not look appealing enough to bother walking in. As a last resort we drove to the Rambles in hopes of salvaging the day. We climbed Rambles Centre. The first pitch had lots of flowing water, but we managed to get up to the next tier. GoreTex was essential to stay dry. Second pitch had some seepage, but was okay. The third tier had a mix of drier and wetter lines, but was climbable for the most part. Temps were slightly above freezing with sprinkles of rain throughout the day. Photos taken by Richard, in the Picture Gallery below.

Highway 99 South – Whistler to Cal-Cheak

I (Mourad) rapped down and climbed the waterfall below Glacier Chair on Blackcomb a few days ago. Still some running water, but good fun. See the picture below in the Picture Gallery.

Paul, Extreme Polly, Aggy, Matty, Renee and Joe climbed at Cal-Cheak on Saturday (Dec 14). We went to Cal-Cheak around 10am. Approach scrambling was straightforward. It was pouring rain, but cold (maybe around 0°C). Ice was very solid. There were 2 flows. A WI4 on the left and a WI3 on the right. The bottom wasn’t touching down completely and so the first 3m was kind of thin and required 2 pull-ups. Dripping water a bit. Slings and bail biners were available on both. Top tree anchor in good conditions. Super nice climbing.


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