Posted by: westcoastice | December 7, 2013

December 7, 2013 (Thanks Bruce and Evan!)

Highway 99 – Squamish/Whistler/Pemberton

Squamish area: Cold enough, but very dry. A Scottish Tale (unobserved) might be worth a look, but everything else is not in.

Whistler – Pemberton:  Same, but slightly more promising. Suicide is struggling to form. Bastion is bone dry. Green River Thriller has a long way to go. The only thing that looked possibly worthwhile is Soo Bluffs.

Also, Evan got out to Whistler on Wednesday for some easy early season fun. The ice was only just forming. His write-up it up is here:


  1. […] Secret – I (Evan) have been hitting that 40m flow described in the December 7 post every day since Wednesday and it continues to build and grow. I’d say it’s properly […]


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