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December 6, 2013 Ice Climbing Report (Thanks Conny and MCR)

In case you are not already subscribed to the Mountain Conditions Report email, here’s a direct quote from our friend Conny:

” I drove south from Goldbridge and over the Duffy Lake road last night.

Bridge Canyon is very slippery and only Night ‘n Gale and Old Dogs New Picks were formed enough to consider. Night ‘n Gale looked thin but good. Old dogs looked thin and desperate. BVM had an excavator right below Old Dogs pulling out material likely to make storage space for future avalanches that come down the route. I’m not sure how long they inted to be there, but you would be right in the way if you try to climb there. Some of the climbs on the south side of the canyon looked formed but did not touch down…lots of mixed projects to get to them.

Along the Duffy, Synchronicity, Carl’s Berg and the Rambles all looked worthwhile. Syncro looked thin throughout, possibly bony in the lower gullies but the main flow looked thick enough to take long screws. Carl’s Berg was WI 5+/6 and looked challenging but mostly protectable. The Rambles had several options that looked formed enough to climb. The Tube was not there at all.

When we drove through (4pm) the temperature was -8 but was expected to drop to around -20 by the next morning. Not much snow on the ground, so approaches would be alright. I would be very cautious of brittle ice because most of the ice has only formed during the latest cold snap. The road was very slick where ever it came close to the river.

Conny Amelunxen”


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