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May 6, 2013 Ice Climbing Report (Thanks William!)

Ice climbing report in the middle of a May heat wave? Why not!?

Washington State – Colfax Peak

Good looking ice on Colfax Peak. Right-hand route (Polish Route) is connected with vertical ice still a little bluish if you squint! Stayed shady with wind keeping temps down much of the day. Lots of surface/wind formed ice on Coleman-Deming (Mount Baker).

Some additional Beta:

Polish Route: The ice is definitely whitish where less than 90 degrees, but the pillar still had some blue to it. From below it appears as 30m of WI4-5, but otherwise snow/WI3. It is connected unlike in the trip report (see link below). Road is 1hr to the tr, and we took the summer route, but on descent found the winter route and it was far quicker. 5hrs to the alpine camp area, 8hrs to the base of the climb.


Here’s a link from for some pics and a 2012 TR to give you perspective.

Alpine ice time. Get some.


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