Posted by: westcoastice | March 4, 2013

March 4, 2013 Ice Climbing Report

Hi All – Question for you…

Werner is organizing a BCMC ice climbing trip to Lillooet this coming weekend, March 9-10. Has anybody been up there ice climbing this past weekend, March2-3? Any report on the conditions at Rambles/Marble/Oregon Jack or Coquihalla?

Does anyone have any firsthand info – will the ice be any reasonable ice to climb this weekend?


  1. We were climbing at Marble Canyon last weekend. Temps were in the +7 range with rain on Friday and Saturday. IcyBC is in poor shape with thin ice and/or holes on every pitch. Deeping Wall is in better shape with plastic ice and climbing about WI4. The ice, however, has delaminated from the rock at the top of the pitch. The rain, along with the warm temperatures, resulted in spontaneous releases of rocks and other debris from the top of the first tier – beware.
    Oregon Jack is in better shape with plastic ice and is climbing at WI3.

    • Thank You very much Garry for the update!


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