Posted by: westcoastice | February 3, 2013

February 3, 2013 Ice Climbing Report (Thanks Francis and Jeremy)

Highway 99 South – Duffey Lake Road

Francis, Werner and crew had a fun day at Rambles Central on Saturday February 2. The ice is in good shape and we climbed everything in sight, including Robber Baron (WI4 M4). All in good shape with mostly fat blue ice, though not as much on Robber Baron.

William and Adi backed off Synchronicity on Saturday. They found the ice too baked and opted for Carl’s Berg instead. Carl’s Berg is in WI4+/5- conditions with some wet spots.

Highway 99 South – Pemberton

Bob Taylor and I (Jeremy Thom) climbed The Plum Saturday February 2. I expect we’ll be the last 2 to get up it this season. It was “don’t tell my girlfriend” thin, hollow and detached on the way up, especially the first and third steps. The last pitch was fat and blue, but at the belay I could literally feel every one of Bob’s swing’s and kicks as he lead – not to mention the hollow bonging noises. By the time we rapped back to the base, the first pitch looked like it might not be there by tomorrow morning. The third tier will be no better.

In other not so good news, White Blotter is gone and nothing else north of Mt. Currie is in.


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