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January 22, 2013 Ice Climbing Report (Thanks Adam and Lee)

Highway 1 – Revelstoke (+ Hwy 97 – Kelowna)

There is plenty of ice formed up on Highway 1, in and around Revelstoke. If you are headed up to the Rockies, it might be worth a stop to check it out. There is also a bit of chandeliered ice in around Kelowna, BC. Here are some assorted photos Adam took along the road from Highway 97 and East on Highway 1 through Revelstoke.

Adam also reported that the Victor Lake area has lots of ice, though he couldn’t get a pic.

And Malakwa ice around Shuswap/Sicamous should be in good shape. There’s a link to the Ice Mini-Topo halfway down this Malakwa Ice blog page.

Highway 99 North – Marble Canyon

Francis and Lee climbed Icy BC on Monday (Jan 21). Francis led the first two pitches and Lee led the third. P1 in good shape and fairly picked out. P2 has good ice, not picked out. P3 ranged from brittle at bottom to plastic at the top; with a fair bit of mushrooms and chandeliered ice. Found some screw holes from a previous ascent, but otherwise no evidence of anyone being there. The ice appears to be layering in over previous ascents nicely. P3 was in average-difficult conditions with steep ice above the cone.
Lee then led Deeping Wall. Quite picked out for the first half. Good feet, but had to work to get sticks. Pro was good. Upper half was plastic and even a bit wet. Probably in average-difficult WI5 conditions.

Two large groups at Marble today (Jan 21) top roping everything.


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