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January 13, 2013 (Thanks Drew and Tyler)

Highway 3 – Hope-Princeton

Stuff is coming in around the Hope area.
Mousetrap might be climbable, still has some wet sections though.
Medusa is definitely in.
The Sheet is continuous ice. but looks pretty thin as of yet.

Sumallo Bluffs are very snowy and the snow consists of a thick crust over unconsolidated fluff. Nothing looked very appealing.
Buszowski-Kippan had some gray ice and a lot of snow.
Landmark Gully‘s curtain is very anemic.

Highway 99 South – Squamish

Two Minutes for Hooking – (FA Andrew Boyd and Derek Flett). Don’t know how “in” this is, just noticed it this evening from my back yard. Someone might be interested in getting a closer look. Ice drips down the left side of the Slhaney (aka The Squaw):

Slhaney (Squaw) ice

Two Minutes for Hooking on Slhaney (Squaw)

Slhaney (Squaw) ice

Close up of Two Minutes for Hooking


  1. This route is called “two minutes for hooking” FA Andrew Boyd and Derek Flett, 3-4 years ago??

    • Thanks Jia – I updated the post.

  2. […] up on Sunday’s report on Two Minutes for Hooking (originally rated M4/5 WI 3/4 for 3 or 4 pitches). Bruce scoped it with […]


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