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December 17, 2012 Ice Climbing Report (Thanks William!)

Highway 99 North – Oregon Jack

William, Ray and Tom drove up to Oregon Jack Sunday night (Dec 16). Overturned logging truck on the highway kept the drive exciting. A cowboy hatted man rallied the bystanders and we had enough wood moved to get pickups by before the tow trucks even arrived.

5-10 cm of fluffy snow on the ground. Classic early season Oregon Jack conditions, snowy topped mushrooms from a recent thaw. Open hole at the base, sun rotted at top and left side. Took good pro, 19cm screws throughout and 13cm screws in the running water sections. Great temperatures, dry, with the best top anchor location. Footprints around from the weekend, but no evidence of any body climbing on the ice.

As William wrote “Let’s get this party started!”.

Oregon Jack

Oregon Jack


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