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March 13, 2012 Ice Climbing Report (Thanks Hayley)

Highway 99 North – Marble Canyon

Cecile Multone, James Humble, and I (Hayley Wilson) took advantage of the extra hour of daylight and drove up to climb in Marble Canyon yesterday (March 11th). We did all 3 pitches of Icy BC and might be the last people to climb it this season. Fresh from a Rockies trip and used to bullet-hard ice, we were quite pleased at how easily our tools sunk in. Mildly disturbed by how easily the screws came out… First pitch had the usual gusher in the hole, second pitch was actually quite good ice, and the third pitch was “interesting”. Rushing water covered in some spots by a wafer-thin sheet of ice, the rest an open chute spraying water when the wind was right. Climbed the right side of it (mushrooms, hollow spots, decent ice & ugly ice) more like a rock route with full body contact. Actually quite fun! The most nerve wracking part of the day was crossing the lake. Saw lots of people ice fishing (a good sign) and tested a couple spots with a 22cm ice screw. I didn’t hit water, so we went for it.

Deeping Wall: Pretty melty. Doubt it will last much longer

Looking forward to some dry rock!

Icy BC Pitch 1

Icy BC Pitch 1

Icy BC Pitch 2

Icy BC Pitch 2


  1. Hey, What did you do in the rockies? – Lots of stuff still in?


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