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January 20, 2012 (Thanks Paul and Adam)

Highway 99 South – Squamish

Climbed A Scottish Tale on Thursday.  Great day up there with spectacular views. Bring your stubbies, the ice is quite thin in sections.
Hadrian’s might be climbable currently, but would certainly be challenging.  Tough to find in the dark, so best to head up while our track is still visible (although weather is forecasted to crap out).  If the track is covered, look for pink tape (its faint), there are two pieces, along with a piece of orange marking the “trail” up from the roadbed.  When Mr. Serl says start early, he means it.

Highway 1 – Harrison Lake

Rockwell Drive Ice: its running in some sections underneath, but if you choose the right line, it can be fun! Suggest TR from tree above, or low level bouldering traverse, left to right. Its a ‘bumper belay’, five minutes from home, and a good ‘after work session’ when you only have an hour of daylight left at the end of your day!

A pic from today’s ice session. It’s probably melting when the cold snap leaves the Valley… but if it holds on, this ice is fun to play around on.

Harrison Ice

Harrison Ice


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