Posted by: westcoastice | January 18, 2012

January 18, 2012 (Thanks Bruce)

Highway 99 South – Whistler to Pemberton

Another highway drive from Squamish to Cayoosh summit revealed a slight improving trend for vertically oriented ice features, and definite worsening trend in horizontal ice features, and a vastly improved skiing situation. Despite the current Arctic conditions the only route that looked possibly climbable was Psycho Pillar at Suicide Bluffs.
Blue Moon on Rye
is trying hard. but has a long way to go (maybe by the weekend).
A Scottish Tale
may be a good gamble but I haven’t laid eyes on it in a week, so take that estimation as an optimistic guess only.


  1. wanted to climb A Scotish Tale on Wednesday, but got beat to the parking lot by two others, not sure what they found but I think after running into guys yesteday, thursday, in Squish that had been out for the day at Olsen creek that AST would be in and climbable. Nintendo is in as well, maybe only for TRing but looked climbable thursday evening.

  2. I was a part of the team who won the race to the parking lot, unfortunately we also raced right on past the faint trail up the base of the route and wound up slogging up through slash and alder to the next chasm, some ways further down the wall. Went back in yesterday to get it right. AST is in, but thin. Hopefully others are able to get up there before the rains bring it down.


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