Posted by: westcoastice | January 11, 2012

January 11, 2011 (Thanks Peter)

Highway 3 – Manning Park

Punched a trail into Go with the Flow Wi4+ in Manning Park yesterday with friend Mike L. Long hard work putting the trail in so go get it. First step made a very unsettling noise. Snow ramp was in ease shape, but with a lot of ice rot underneath.

Nepopekum Falls looked good with a a hole bottom right that seemed below the main falls.

First time to the area and will be back. Thanks Drew for the approach info. Main snowshoe trail in and out is found about 50m down groomed snowslope below blue chair.


  1. wear snowshoes. or you’ll be wallowing more then walking!

    • Can it be done on skis, guide would suggest its too steep??

  2. It can be done in skies, but you may have to do longer switchbacks up the hills.


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