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December 12, 2011 (Here we go! Thanks Jens, Derek and Peter)

Highway 40 – Bridge River Canyon

Honeyman Falls is not even close to being in.
Old Dogs New Picks is forming up – would likely take a TR at this point.

Old Dogs New Picks

Very blurry shot passing Old Dogs New Picks







Salmon Stakes looks in.

Highway 99 North- Marble Canyon

The lake was solid enough to walk across.  I (Jens) led Icy BC pitches 1 and 2, and the Deeping Wall.  Pitch 3 of Icy BC was open and spraying all over.
Body Shop will be in giveaway shape in a few weeks.  All routes we climbed took good screws and were better than they appeared from the ground.
TR’d The Dihedral as a mixed climb.  The season is off and running!

Highway 99 South-Duffy Lake Road

We (Jens and Zach) headed up the Duffy. Climbed Rambles Center. We found pitch 1 and pitch 2 much leaner than normal, but still fun.
The Upper Tier was rather fat with lots of lines to climb and enjoy.
Shreddie is currently split into two daggers.
Carl’s Berg didn’t look quite in yet.
Synchronicity looked climbable.

Highways 99 and 1 – Vancouver/ Hanes Valley

I (Derek) ran up Crown Couloir early on Sunday Dec 11th. The north walls of Hanes Valley seemed to have a number of lines forming up nicely. Some of them appeared to currently be in climbable condition.

Crown Couloir

Bottom of Royal Flush

Hanes Valley walls

Hanes Valley walls

Hanes ice and snow

Hanes ice and snow


  1. Photo labelled Crown Couloir is actually of the incomplete Royal Flush

  2. nice, how did you approcah the Haynes Valley? From Grouse or Lynn Headwaters? Did you ski any/much of the approach?

  3. Where exactly is royal flush?


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