Posted by: westcoastice | February 1, 2011

February 1, 2011 (Thanks Peter)

Highway 99 South – Squamish
Like usual, after 3 days of below freezing nights and close to 0C days Nintendo was in climbable, although lean, shape (we TR’ed only). Two weeks ago, I (Peter Watson) replaced the anchor at the top with 2 bolts and chains, since the old trees had been burnt down. Set up a TR on the line to the right (Atari) and played on 4 different mixed/ ice lines that finished in the same upper ice smears (which although really thin, still went clean). Get after it – should stick around till Saturday or Sunday. Just tread lightly.


  1. Highway 99 South – Squamish

    is what it should read not Pemberton

    • Thanks – edited it.

  2. The name ATARI is what I call it and hasn’t been formally named that by anyone doing an FA.

    The anchor at the top of ATARI is a little sporty, I have run an old rope back to good trees from the edge upwards of Sixty feet and then also included an old stump into the anchor. This is all fixed in place until I can get back up there when the ground isn’t frozen and put some other bolts in for those routes as well.

  3. Too bad its now raining in squamish

    I need to get a job as a Weather Forecaster!

  4. If it was only freezing rain!

    Don’t be a weatherman, I’d like to keep our friendship as it is!

  5. Just finished putting another anchor in at the top of Atari. This allows for about 4 different variations(with or without ice) to be climbed on the bottom half of the cliff, finishing into what is a hard dry tool finish when there is no ice.


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