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January 6, 2011 (Thanks Peter and Don)

Highway 99 North – Marble Canyon (and Honeyman area)
On January 3rd, six BCMC remaining climbers headed to Marble Canyon. Views of Honeyman Falls through binoculars (from the other side of the river) showed a lot of open, running water in the upper and central sections. It appears that part of the central section has recently collapsed.

Cherry Ice looked doable through the binoculars.
Two other two-person parties were also at Marble Canyon – creativity and cooperation enabled each party to get on the ice, but avoid getting in the way of the others. Throughout the day the BCMC group top roped the lower tier of Icy BC and the Deeping Wall. The curtain on second tier of Icy BC was full, but somewhat chandeliered (climbed on top rope by another two-person party). The upper tier was attempted on lead by another party, but they ran out of daylight and had to bail.
No Deductible has not formed, but the Deeping Wall is forming up well.


Highway 99 South – Duffey Lake Road
An 11-person BCMC group climbed at The Rambles on January 2nd as part of an “Intro to Ice Climbing” clinic.

Rambles Left was fat and in good condition (climbers went as far as the WI3 exits).
Lower WI3 step of Rambles Centre was also in good condition (climbers ran laps on top rope).
More advanced climbers took on the bolted routes at Rambles Right with success.

Highway 99 South – Pemberton
I (Peter Watson) had another night session on Nintendo last night (Jan 4). I think it should last through this small warm up and be good to go all weekend. No big hood up top like usual, making it a grade easier that other times I’ve been there. Might even see a TR only line to the right come in with all this moisture. Left a rope set up for TR’ing if you use it, please just tie it back up.


  1. Nintendo didn’t last through the warm up. On my commute today it had all fallen down:(


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