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December 1, 2010 (Thanks Jeremy)

Highway 99 South – Duffey Lake Road
Nov. 30 – my brother Chili and I (Jeremy Thom) drove up to The Tube.  It was not yet touching down, but very close.  We declined to start the ice climbing season on hanging daggers.
Most of what we saw along the Duffey was lean but in, but everything looked very wet.  All the ice on the side of the road was running.
We hiked up to Carl’s Berg (stay right, in the bigger trees, on the approach, by the way.  Left sucks.).  Lean but in.  Very wet.  Rainstorm wet.  Like the Plum the day before.
Synchronicity was lean, but probably in.  Probably very wet.
Serendipity was not in.
Rambles looked quite lean from the road.  Through the grapevine (for what it’s worth), I heard a party was up at Rambles Centre mid last week and found it lean, but leadable.
Shreddie is non-existent.
Belmore and Isodorth Gulleys looked in.
There is a tonne of ice up on the bluffs east of Mt. Currie, just before the first big hill up the Duffey, but it was hard to pick out any lines that were in all the way to the ground.

Highway 99 South – Whistler
Dec. 1 – Ben Hamilton and I (Jeremy) climbed (yes, I actually climbed something. Finally.) at Cal Cheak.  As with everything else up there, lean but in. And dry, thankfully.  The grade 3 flow on the right took some 13’s and some 16’s, though I hit rock with a 16 a few times.  Very thin at the top and a few unprotected but easy mixed moves are required.  Lots of options for fun TR’ing though.  Just bring a file…


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