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November 29, 2010 (Thanks Jason and Don)

Highway 99 South – Whistler/Pemberton
My buddy Tim and I (Jason Kruk) did a lap up Blue Moon on Rye on Thursday (Nov 25).  It was pretty thin but totally climbable. I made a little movie for some friends about it, which may be of interest.  It’s here:

Highway 1 – Lytton/Goldpan
Matthias Ruh and I (Don Montrichard) drove up Highway 1 on November 28, 2010, and stopped at Goldpan Provincial Park, north of Lytton on the Thompson River. We were interested in the conditions of After The Goldrush, Energizer and Happy Boy, all of which are located in the shaded gullies on the east side of the Highway, directly opposite the Park.

We climbed the first pitches of After the Goldrush, which consisted of a short WI2 step and a WI3 pillar (photo 1), both of which are well formed with good ice. Unable to locate the final pitch described in the guidebook.
Energizer was very thin, and we decided not to climb there.
Happy Boy is mostly “in”, and consisted of several WI2 steps (8-10 metres), interspersed with scree hiking and scrambling. The final curtain over a cave has not yet touched down (photo 2).
Looked at several other roadside routes on the way home. The upper pitch of The Crucible has a large hole and a lot of running water.
Jackass is partially formed, but also contains a significant amount of running water. The recently formed beginnings of the routes in the Superheroes Cirque appeared to be deteriorating quickly.
After The Goldrush

After The Goldrush

Happy Boy

Final curtain of Happy Boy


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