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November 28, 2010 (Thanks Jeremy)

Highway 99 South – Whistler/Pemberton
Ben Haggar and Jeremy Thom were out at The Plum today (Nov 28). The first pitch was soaking wet, like climbing in a rainstorm, and really soft ice so we bailed. It wasn’t exactly fat, but if it were dry (like tomorrow, probably, since it’s 10 below up there tonight) there’s plenty to lead on. The second pitch looked (from the parking lot through binoculars) drier and a bit fatter, but still on the lean side.
White Blotter looked surprisingly good considering the state of The Plum.
Politically Correct Valentine was basically non-existent.
Candlewax looked marginal.
Roadside Attraction worse than marginal.
Entropy looked fully formed, but lean-ish from the road.
We also hiked up to Mystery Roach. Lean, but very dry at least. In fact, looked almost identical to the lean conditions in the photo on p.66 of West Coast Ice. Maybe a bit leaner.
We could see Fat and Lacy Giblets which were both in, but again, looked lean.

Lastly, we drove up to Cal Cheak and checked it out from the parking lot.  Still lots of ice, but very thin looking.
All the ice south of Whistler seemed to be melting fast.


  1. Thanks for the Info, just to add to this I skinned to the “office” on blackcomb. Vey thin right now, pretty much unclimable….

  2. – Cal check was still in yesterday, some thin bits, but still lots of fun to be had, will still probably go still thurs when temps suppose to hit 0/+ve figures.


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