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November 24, 2010 (Thanks Peter and Drew)

Highways 1 & 7 – Hope
Jesse Mason and I (Drew) climbed much of Cruel Pools in Hope today. We soloed most of the climb, and roped for one pitch of WI3 with fragile mushrooms. Around the 7th pitch or so a narrow section of gully with a large water-spewing hole called an end to the day, as we figured we could not climb around it safely.

We made a descent through the forest to climbers’ right, no rappels, but some crampons-on frozen moss downclimbing. About 4 or 5 hours car to car.

Pictures on Drew’s Flickr page –

Other stuff:
Medusa is in.
The Sheet is fat.
Mousetrap looked mushroomed and wet but climbable.
Easy Into and Janice Ales are in.
EI might still have some holes low down.
Picadilly Circus looked in.
Some of the smaller stuff around Bridal Falls may be thick enough to climb.

Tailwind and Tradewinds on Hwy 7 are in, but take rock pro for the lower part of Tailwind if attempting it, as it is thin at the roof.
Hells Lake Falls is not in enough to lead, it is a curtain of icicles.
The Family Man looked to be in.

Highway 99 South – Squamish/Pemberton
Nintendo was in its regular WI5 fun shape again this year. Anchor at top needs bolts (anyone got a powerdrill?); trees are in sad shape. Less water on the start than usual – as a 15ft pillar is forming out the roof to the right. Too bad we don’t have this cold all winter, we would sure have some sick stuff to climb locally.


  1. I left a TR set up on Nintendo that I will take down tonight or tomorrow, but feel free to use it if its up and your there. November25 posted


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