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December 16, 2009 (Thanks Peter)

Highway 1 – Hope & Fraser Canyon

Never A Bride

Never A Bride

As Marc reported, we climbed the first pitch of Never A Bride on Monday. I (Peter Watson) backed off from just below the upper-most curtain and down climbed after seeing shit ice with holes everywhere. Bold solo, Marc! I backed off that upper part because of the thin ice covering the flowing water.

Up the Fraser Canyon, Jackass was running water with a little ice.


Highway 99 South – Duffey Lake Road
We decided not to waste the day and took off for a drive of the South Coast circuit. Drove up and checked all the ice up the Fraser Canyon and across the Duffey Lake. Climbs of interest:
Fishin’ Musician on the left side of Seton lake (viewed when driving onto the Duffey from Lillooet) looked in and fat.
Loose Lady looked in. Even the upper pillar looked to be in.
The Tube was in not as wide as usual, but touching down and starting to look solid.
Synchronicity was not yet in – someone needs to bolt a mixed line around the first pitch and the start of the ramp pitch.
Carl’s Berg was in as earlier reported.


  1. Yeah, the climbing between the water holes was hooking and stepping only, no swinging! But the first pitch was totally worth it, the best climbing on the route in those conditions! Thanks for the Lillooet update!


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